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All courses can be undertaken by individuals who meet the ACA essential eligibility criteria, from the age of 10 years and up. Click here for more information on what the eligibility criteria entails.

Yes and No. For our kayaking courses, you will use a single kayak. We operate all of our tours in tandem kayaks. Tandems are significantly more stable and, with two people in a kayak, you’ll have twice the horse power which makes paddling much easier.

The summers in Sitka are stunning. We have lots of sunshine with temperatures ranging from the mid-50’s to upper 60’s (shorts and a T-shirt for locals). Fun fact! Southeast Alaska is actually a temperate rainforest! We often get long drizzles followed by sunshine. Rain gear and a light jacket are best.

Absolutely, we will make sure you’re back at your ship on time.

Very unlikely. The tandem kayaks that you will use have a very wide base which provides comfort and stability. We will do our best to make sure you stay upright, whatever the conditions. So no need to fret, even if you do fall in, the water is chilly but safe. Your kayak guide is excellently trained in rescue techniques.

There is a public restroom at Harrigan Centennial Hall that you’re welcomed to use. Once we are on the water, we won’t have an opportunity to use a restroom. Unless you don’t mind using the faciliTREES.

No worries! The tour times are semi-flexible and can shift up to 30 minutes to accommodate your arrival.

If you can, avoid wearing cotton. When wet, cotton won’t keep you very warm. We highly suggest wearing wool or synthetic clothing. It is often cooler on the water than it is on land, so a light jacket is recommended as well. Wear high top waterproof boots/shoes if you can to keep your feet dry. Do bring rain gear. The kayak seats can get wet and this will keep your butt dry.

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