Entry-Level 1

Short Program

Adjustable Course Duration

Hone Your Basic Kayaking Skills

Join the ideal kayak course that introduces you to the basics of kayaking! In this ideal program for entry-level kayakers, you will learn basic kayak skills that revolve around safety and skill acquisition to make your kayaking experiences as enjoyable as possible, including effective kayak control with and without a rudder and self and partner rescue techniques.

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Why Choose This Course?

There are no prerequisites to undertake this course! If you're a first-time kayaker, this course is ideal for you, since you’ll be learning the very basics to begin with, preparing you for the Level 2 course (Essentials of Kayak Touring).

After taking this course you’ll feel more confident and be at ease on your future kayaking adventures knowing that you have the safety training and proper skills to endeavor more challenging kayaking trips.

As a beginners course, all the essential equipment is provided for you! All you need to bring is a lot of enthusiasm and a smile, along with appropriate clothing, and snacks/food and water for yourself.

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Course Details

Course Details


$150 per person

Start date and time

TBD (schedule will be determined after booking)


Flat water, protected from wind, waves and outside boat traffic, with current less than 0.5 knots, and within swimming distance of shore.

Meeting point

TBD closer to the course start date


March 1-October 31
Friday, Saturday or Sunday


Up to 1 day (8 hours)*

*The course duration will be adjusted to best fit the needs and goals of the participants.

Group size

5 participants to 1 instructor (minimum 2 participants)


Solo kayak, paddle, PFD, paddle float, throw bag, tow rope, bilge pump, signaling whistle

Not included

Clothing, food or water

What to bring

– Water, snacks and/or lunch
– Appropriate clothing for paddling that you don’t mind getting wet:
– Socks
– Base layers (wool/synthetic, avoid cotton)
– Warm insulation
– Rain gear
– Beanie
– Gloves (rubber works great)
– Footwear (neoprene booties are best but tennis shoes are fine)

Participation requirements

The minimum age requirement for this tour is 10 years old

About your guide

ACA-certified kayak instructor

What You'll Do On This Course

Hey Kayaker! This is a basic overview of the curriculum for the Level 1: Introduction to Kayaking class. Once you sign up, you will receive a detailed document outlining all the topics and practical exercises that are covered in this full-day course, some of which include:

  • Safe transportation of the kayak
  • Entering and exiting the kayak
  • Safe paddle posture
  • Basic strokes to propel and turn
  • Identifying safe paddling conditions
  • Engage in self and assisted rescues & rescue tools
  • Navigational signaling tools
  • First Aid/repair kits
  • Environmental considerations (weather, wind, waves)

Please Keep In Mind

There are no prerequisites to undertake this course.

We will be using sea kayaks (sit-in-kayaks) as opposed to sit-on-top kayaks and introducing the use of spray skirts.

Participants are encouraged to participate fully in the rescues to get the most out of the subjects covered, but everything is challenge by choice, and no one will be forced to engage in something that makes them uncomfortable.

All participants must meet the Eligibility Criteria listed under the terms and conditions.

Participants can also opt to complete an assessment for this course. See the assessment section for more details.

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