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ACA Certification


Fundamental Kayak Skills

Entry-level to Advanced-level Kayaking Course

Develop Important Kayaking Skills with a ACA-Certified Instructor

Our Sitka kayak training courses are an excellent way for you to learn the skills and techniques necessary to safely and confidently explore the region’s stunning waterways. Lessons are designed for individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced kayakers, and provide a comprehensive education on everything from kayak safety and basic paddling techniques to advanced navigation and rescue skills.

All our kayak training courses are led by our experienced and ACA-certified instructor Charlie Jordan, who is passionate about kayaking and dedicated to sharing his knowledge with others. These courses often take place on sheltered coves and islands, allowing students to practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring
Level 2
Coastal Kayaking Part 1: Basic Strokes and Rescues
Level 3 - Part 1
Coastal Kayaking Part 2: Stokes and Maneuvers Refinement
Level 3 - Part 2
American Canoe Association Assessment
For all kayaker levels!

Looking for something else? Check out our Special Courses for more focus on coastal kayaking skills, or inquire with us today to get more information on our Kayak Camping, Navigation and Flatwater Safety and Rescue Modules!


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