ACA-Certified Instructor

Intermediate-Level Kayak Training

2-Day Class

Prepare for Your Kayaking Assessment with Continued Kayak Training

Calling all kayaking students looking to take an ACA assessment! This Basic Stokes & Rescues course is intended to get you further your knowledge and skills of coastal kayaking This module is an essential component of the American Canoe Association Kayaking Course and is led by a certified ACA instructor, leaving you in the hands of the best of the best!

For this course, you are required to have your own basic kayaking equipment, including a properly sized and outfitted sea kayak with front and rear flotation, standard gear, and safety equipment (paddles, PFDs, lifejackets), as well as sprayskirts, paddle floats, bilge pumps. In case you’re not quite at a level where you have your own gear, check out our Level 1 Introduction to Kayaking, where we’ll provide all these essentials for you while you still learn the very basics of kayaking.

Why Choose This Course?

You’ll be in the hands of an American Canoe Association-certified Level 3 instructor with a lot of experience kayaking Alaska’s waterways.

At this intermediate level you’ll be able to consider yourself a knowledgeable and skilled kayaker and be eligible for an ACA level 3 assessment.

This comprehensive course is ideal for tour businesses that offer kayak tours and are seeking to train specialized guides. It will bring guides up to speed and equip them with the appropriate skills to keep their clients safe.

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Course Details

Course Details


$300 per person ($150 per day)

Start date and time

TBD (schedule will be determined after booking)


Coastal waters with potential areas of exposure to mild wind and wave conditions, with constant access to safe landing and within 1.5 nm from shore, winds less than 15 knots, waves (chop) less than 2 feet, surf less than 2 foot, current less than 2 knots

Meeting point

TBD closer to the course start date


March 1- October 31
Friday, Saturday or Sunday


Up to 2 days (16 hours)*

*The course duration will be adjusted to best fit the needs and goals of the participants.

Group size

5 participants to 1 instructor (minimum 2 participants)


American Canoe Association-certified instructor

Not included

Kayak, spray deck, paddle, PFD, paddle float, throw bag, tow rope, bilge pump, appropriate clothing layers, water, food

Signaling whistle may be rented

What to bring

– Properly sized and outfitted kayak with front and rear flotation
– Standard gear and safety equipment (paddles, PFDs, lifejackets)
– Sprayskirts, paddle floats, bilge pumps
– Appropriate clothing for weather and immersion
– Water, snacks and/or food

Participation requirements

Participants must have their own equipment for this skill level

About your guide

ACA-certified kayak instructor

What You'll Do On This Course

This is a basic overview of the curriculum for the Level 3 – Coastal Kayaking Part 1: Basic Strokes and Rescues class. This class will allow you to vastly expand your knowledge and skills since it is a continuation of the Level 1 and Level 2 courses (Introduction to Kayaking and Essentials of Kayak Touring). Once you sign up, you will receive a detailed document outlining all the topics and practical exercises that are covered in this full-day course, some of which include learning how to:

  • Utilize edging to greatly increase kayak control
  • Utilize towing for exhausted or injured paddlers
  • Make radio calls for safe crossings through active waterways
  • Effectively use and control the paddle while performing strokes efficiently, performing T-rescues and paddle float self rescues
  • Acknowledge the influence of weather and tides on the coastal kayaker
  • Deal with marine hazards and other safety issues
  • Understand personal skill levels and limitations

Please Keep In Mind

There are no prerequisites to undertake this course.

The Level 3 Part 1 Coastal Kayaking course is a continuation of Levels 1 and 2 (Introduction to Kayaking and Essentials of Kayak Touring).

For this particular course, you are expected to bring your own equipment. Please click on the “Course Details” tab and view the “What to bring” section for details.

Participants are encouraged to participate fully in the rescues to get the most out of the subjects covered, but everything is challenge by choice, and no one will be forced to engage in something that makes them uncomfortable.

All participants must meet the Eligibility Criteria.

Participants can also opt to complete an assessment for this course. See the assessment section for more details.

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